Catching up

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I know it's been a few weeks now since I've posted any sort of update on my weight loss journey.  I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath to hear about how I'm doing.

I've been doing ok, it's just this last week, when I took a trip to visit family in Virginia, I sort of feel off the wagon a little bit.  We not really a little bit, I feel off hard and started rolling in the dirt.  I gained a whopping 9 pounds.  That was when I weighed in Monday morning.  But as of Tuesday I had dropped 2 more pounds to put me at 326. But hey I'm not giving up and I'm getting right back up and starting again.  Tracy has been gaining on me by keeping a steady pace of losing one or two pounds a week.  And with me gaining so much last week, he's ahead in the challenge, but not for long.  So without further ado here's our weigh in weights for the last month.

03/04/09 = 319lbs
03/11/09 = 319lbs
03/18/09 = Did not weigh
03/24/09 = 326lbs
Total Weight Lost (since 1/20/09) = 9

03/04/09 = Did not weigh
03/11/09 = 279lbs
03/18/09 = Did not weigh
03/24/09 = 278
Total Weight Lost (since 1/20/09) = 15


Maury said...

I have been wondering...I know a week long trip like that would have put me back too. I always gain a LOT of weight when I travel. (when we went to Sea World, I gained around 10 lbs...and it never came off) I retain a lot of fluid when I travel...and you may have too b/c you are sitting a lot, and eating a lot of salty foods too... Drink a ton of water this week...that my help. I have to take fluid pills after I travel it is so bad.

Just don't get discourage! If you gained that much, that quickly, I bet it will come back off quickly too.

Lou said...

Don't get frustrated. A week long vacation can take a hurting on someone.

Good luck!

RADstitches said...

Hang in there!!! You can do it!