New Years Eve

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I had a great time on New Years Eve. I tried to act younger than I am, with the Uth of Immanuel Baptist Church. I went to Church with Mom and Dad that evening, they were having Finger Foods and Fireworks afterwards, and then I was asked to stay and help with the Uth Lock In. And I'm so glad I did. I had a blast. There were about 11 youth there and about 7 to 8 adults there to help.

We started off the night by splitting up the boys and girls to take on each other in a video scavenger hunt. It has been forever since I participated in one of those. We ran all over town doing things like Washing a Stranger's window at a gas station, Singing "Rubber Ducky Your The One" in a bath tub, Signing YMCA with strangers in McDonald's, and making a human pyramid on the town's square. We came back to the church and our videos got judged, I still think the boys were robbed. Any who, we then tried to watch the ball drop, but never could get the video to work online, so we just did the countdown deal.

Then Ashlee sat down with the youth and did and Awesome devotion with them about bringing the light of Jesus to others. We all light candles and spread out all over the sanctuary and prayed for our friends that didn't know Jesus. It was so cool to see the youth praying and seeking the Lord, some even were wiping away tears from there eyes. The highlight of the night for me.

We then had a Wii tournament for the kids and I think the guys tried to get a few minutes of much needed beauty rest. I can't believe I made it to breakfast, which was so good. But all in all I'm glad I stayed. It was nice to feel young again, but I was so tired after the fact. I don't think I'm caught up on my sleep, but I'm sure my Sunday nap will take care of that. Monday it's back to regular schedule, and part of me can't wait. Below are some pictures Ashlee took of the night.


dean said...

hey AJ!

glad to see you in the thick of things with the young people, ESPECIALLY at a lockin, which were always so hard for me to get chaperons for when i was in youth ministry. btw, i thought your folks went to FBC??

and i've always been amazed, even at myself when i was guilty of it, that for whatever reason, we decide it's a good idea to hand open flames to teenagers in the sanctuary. at what other time would adults allow kids to have fire in the church building?

A.J. Huffman said...

@dean...Mom and Dad moved membership a while ago to IBC. Now my whole family goes there. I'm at Journey but visit when we don't have services. Thanks for the comment.

ash said...

I was in the church office talkin to a few members and our church secretary about the nights plans...and they were like candles...is our insurance paid up! i had never thought about it being a bad idea until then! too late to turn back..they were the no drip candles...but just incase they had foil around the bottom!!! THANK GOODNESS WE DIDNT BURN THE CHURCH DOWN

A.J. Huffman said...

I'm sure we wouldn't have burned the church down. And if they would have been there at that moment, they might have different feeling towards it. It was an Awesome experience.

Mandy said...

How awesome!! We sure did miss you here at the house.. but I can see that you were definitely needed elsewhere. That really sounds like a great experience!