Nativity, Christmas Lights,& The Crossett Light

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Had a fun weekend, full of animals, God, friends, lights, and good times. Started out Friday taking Drew to Immanuel Baptist Church to see there Live Nativity. It was real neat, they went all out, from Roman Soldiers taking the census as you drove up, to real live goats and donkeys. The angel at the stable, watching over the Baby Jesus. Drew had so much fun he wanted to go back the next night. This time he wanted to dress up just like his Nanny. So we my Mom fixed up a costume for him and he was a Shepard boy. He had a blast playing and helping out Uncle Bruce with the goats, and messing with the Roman Soldiers.

Went to church with Mom and Dad on Sunday Morning. The entire Huffman clan got up and did the Advent Candle, it was real neat. Bro Larry gave a good message, that I really needed to hear. I then went back to my apartment and rested until it was time for the final night of December Nights at Journey.

The kids at Journey have been working hard on a little musical deal about the Christmas Story. They all did an awesome job, and Jeff talked about The God Of Peace, yet another message that I needed to hear. After church a bunch of us went to Ameca to eat and fellowship. That's when Candy Reed suggested we go to Crossett to see the Christmas Lights.
So about eleven of us got in two vehicles and headed towards Crossett. There is a group of houses that come together each year and put of a ton of Christmas Lights, and each year they add a little more. Soon they'll run out of room. Everything from the 4 Seasons, to Frosty the Snowman, the the birth of Jesus was displayed in bright lights. We all enjoyed the lights, then Candy asked if anyone wanted to go try to see "The Crossett Light". After a brief explanation of the legend of the light. Go ahead and click the link, I'll wait.

Ok ya'll back, good, now back to my story. We all said, what the hey, let's go. We drove to the outskirts of town past the air field. Drove down the road where it turned from pavement to gravel. A mile or two down that dirt road we turned around and turned off the SUV. We were told by Candy, to flash the lights three times, then honk the horn three times. After about 5 to 10 minutes of nothing, I noticed a faint glowing light in the distance. It looked like it was moving across the road. Then all of the sudden it disappeared. Tracy flashed the lights and honked the horn again, and after a few minutes the light appeared again. This time it was a little brighter. And as it was moving from one side of the road to the other, it stopped in the middle. And it got super bright. We thought it might have been headlights from an approaching car, but no it wasn't a car, but it was as bright, if not brighter than a headlight. We were all freaking out. It's the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I don't know about the ghosts, or if I believe in em, but I can't doubt what I saw. And what ever it was, I am a true believer of the Crossett Light. Below is a video of someone going to see the Light. Then ending is all a put on, but the Light is real.


RADstitches said...

You were literally minutes from my house... You all should have drove by and saw my wreath on the door or something! LOL I could have brought you all out some hot choc! You know that I have NEVER been to see the lihgt and it is not far from my house! I know.. I HAVE to get out more! LOL Merry Christmas!

dean said...

i think we just discovered who's responsible for the crossett light, didn't we... it's radstitches with her flashlight bringing hot chocolate out to the other peeps coming to look at the light.