Renewal Gathering

Posted by AJ Huffman |

If you are anything like me your busy schedule and problems in your life are getting in the way of serving the Lord. It's time to get back on track, and if you need a fresh touch of God, I encourage you to come to Journey Church tonight through Wednesday. Jeff Noble explained it in an email a lot better than I could...

I talked today with Shawn Barnard, a friend of mine who used to pastor Second Baptist Church here in town. He is now pastor at Inglewood Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX. He was looking to get away next week, and on the spur of the moment, I asked if he might be willing to come this way and help lead us in a time of spiritual renewal.

We have no idea what God is up to with this last-minute opportunity. All we do know is that He has promised to be found when His people seek Him with all their hearts. I am hoping deeply that perhaps Christ will intersect our lives and bring renewal, repentance and joy to us and others in this special time.

Our leadership team has talked a little about having such a time in recent weeks, and it seems that the Lord may be working this out for us. I KNOW it’s fast and gives us no time to plan, but perhaps that’s how the Lord wants it. We have so many in our church fellowship that are weary, burdened and need a “time of refreshing” (Acts 3.19). We had hoped to put something together later this year, but let’s go with this and see what the Lord in His kindness might do.

What we are considering is just a few evenings of intimacy with the Lord. Worship, prayer and seeking of His face. Shawn will be bringing His Word to us. Very simple. No “production” or event-mentality to it. Just coming in, sitting down and seeking Him.

Would you please be praying about this sudden, spontaneous interruption of our lives and ask that God do something beyond our imagining?

It will be this Monday-Wednesday evenings (Nov 10-12) at 6:00 each evening. Anyone who would like can join a few of us (and Shawn) for prayer on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. at Journey to prepare our hearts for the gatherings this week.

I’d like to invite you to participate, if you are one of those who are simply overwhelmed and yearn for a time of spiritual renewal, encouragement and refreshing. I know that some of you will be unable to come due to the shortness of notice. However, if you are able, I’m confident that this time will be graced by God’s presence as we open our hearts to Him.

So if you need a time of spiritual renewal, come join with us.