Under the weather

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Sorry for the lack of updates this past week, but Drew's been under the weather with Strep Throat. He woke up last Friday morning burning up with fever. Amy stayed at home with him Friday and took him to the doctor's office. The Doctor said he had several cases of strep in the past few weeks so before he saw him he had Drew tested for Strep, and sure enough that's what it was. Gave him a shot and some more antibiotics so he could get better. Well the first set of antibiotics broke Drew out in a rash, so we called the doctor back and he switched antibiotics out. He wasn't feeling good all weekend long and I stayed home with him Monday. His fever would go down during the day but go back up during the night so he stayed with Nanny and Papaw Tuesday and Wednesday. Finally Thursday morning he woke up with no fever. His Dianana came over Thursday morning to spend the day with him. He's feeling much better today so we sent him back to Day Care (after a week away), and as evidence by the smile on his face in the picture above (taken yesterday evening) , he must be feeling better.