Turn Your Radio On!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Drew loves music. Any time he hears something on the radio that he likes he'll start to shake his head back and forth, move his arms all over the place, and dance. It's so cute seeing him really get into the music.

At church he's even started clapping his hands when we start to worship. I hope one day he learns to play the piano or guitar, but I'll leave that up to him to decide.

He really likes country music for some reason (maybe because that's just about all that Amy and I listen to). I've got a video of Drew getting his groove on which is pretty funny. If anyone wants to see it just send me an email at ajhuffman@yahoo.com and I'll send it your way.


Anonymous said...

hey! soooo, when will drew have a baby bro or sis? ;p is amy an LCSW now? i'm sure she is - if so, tell her i need info!! i'll be taking that test pretty soon i hope!