Remembering Paul Eells

Posted by AJ Huffman |

A sad day indeed. The state is mourning the loss of Arkansas sports radio and TV legend Paul Eells. The voice of the Razorbacks Paul Eells was killed this past Monday night after a head-on collision on Interstate-40 near Russellville. He was traveling home after playing golf and broadcasting live from Fayetteville for KATV channel 7.

At 29 years old, Paul Eells has been the voice of the Razorbacks almost my entire life. In my world, he had just always been there and would always be there with those famous phrases "Touchdown Arkansas" and "Oh My". Dependable and trustworthy. Could you possibly ask for more in this day and age?

I remember a few years ago I was listening to a football game and heard Mr. Eells say "A.J. Huffman of Monticello" over the radio. I did a double take driving in my car that day. The reason he said my name was because I won a Citgo prize pack. I was one of the weekly qualifiers for season tickets for the basketball hogs. I thought it was so cool to him this man say my name. But Paul will be missed by the entire state of Arkansas and by others across the nation. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the entire state of Arkansas.

So one last time, Everyone do it with me......


Anonymous said...

yeah, you won't catch me saying anything to do w/the h&%s lol. it is very sad about paul eels tho. it will be strange not seeing him on tv. however, i also find it sad that nothing is really being said about the other person who was killed as a result
glad youre still my friend in spite of where my loyalties lie haha

Brad said...

Paul will be greatly missed in Razorback Nation and with his family and friends. I am not sure how it will feel to listen to the radio and not think of the wonderful years he devoted to work and to the Arkansas Program.

"TOUCHDOWN Arkansas, OH MY!" will be heard in Heaven each game day.