Bring in the clowns

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Amy and I took Drew to the 135th edition of Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus in Little Rock this past Saturday. A big thanks to Nanny and Papaw (my parents) for buying us front row tickets. Drew had a blast. He was amazed at the elephants, tigers, zebras, and other animals at the show. He was a trooper the entire time, wide eyed, and taking it all in. Close to the end of the show he was getting restless because he hadn't had a nap that day. So during the high wire act and right before the sky surfer act he feel asleep in Amy's arms. He's probly a little to young to remember this experience, but I'm also sure this won't be the last time he attends "The Greatest Show on Earth".


Anonymous said...

he's so CUTE!! can't believe you didn't call us when coming thru losers! j/k watch out for stalkers from texas..