Week Ten: Biggest Loser Challenge

Posted by AJ Huffman |

I did it again.  I forgot to post our weigh in results last week.  I know, I know, bad blogger.  The good news is after gaining some weight when I went on vacation, I lost all that weight and then some the week I got back, Go Me!  I stayed the same this week, didn't lose any and didn't gain any either.  And with being sick and the busy week I'm having this week, not for sure how well I'll do.  But I'll keep you posted.  I'm going to try and do better on blogging and on my diet.  So my total weight lose since I started this journey on New Years is 25lbs.

Start Weight = 335lbs
03/24/09 = 326lbs
03/31/09 = 317lbs
04/07/09 = 317lbs
Total Weigt Lost (since 01/20/09) = 18lbs

Start Weight = 293lbs
03/24/09 = 278lbs
03/31/09 = Did not weigh
04/07/09 = 276lbs
Total Weight Lost (since 01/20/09) = 17lbs


Mandy said...

Good job, AJ! (and Tracy!) Keep it up and this time 6 months from now.. you'll be shocked at what your total weight loss is! Look how far you've already come!

Maury said...

Yay...I am glad your trip didn't really set you back!!

dean said...

it's nip and tuck, this race to see who's gonna be the biggest loser ... so, which one'e nip, and which one's tuck??

Anonymous said...
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