Virginia Trip

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Last week I loaded up Mom and Drew and we all headed to Virginia for spring back. It was a week of reconnecting with family and getting to meet two new additions to our family. We left of a Friday after lunch and drove all day until we got to Dickson, which is right out side of Nashville. Got up the next morning and drove all day until we reached our destination of Evergreen Virginia.

We got up on Sunday and headed to church, then stayed after to eat baked potatoes and salad. Then the family went and prepared the fellowship hall for my Aunt and Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary celebration. Several friends and family attended, and a good time was had by all. The next few days were spent relaxing and visiting with friends and family, and holding babies.

Then on St. Patrick's day we all went to my other Aunt's house and we had our family Christmas. Since we were planning on coming to Virginia during spring break anyway, we all decided to wait till we got there to exchange gifts. Usually we ship gifts to each other. Drew thought it was funny that we spent St. Patrick's day opening presents. He told my cousin who's name is Patrick. "Hey Patrick, it's St. PATRICK'S day and we are opening presents" He just laughed and laughed, that boy cracks me up.

We also spent time cleaning up and going through stuff at my Grandma's house. She has been in Heaven for almost a year now, and there are still a lot of stuff we needed to go through in the house. I took the time to take some pictures of the house and land. Drew found an old wooden airplane and a toy cow and played outside.

So all in all it was a good trip. It rained on us the whole drive up there, which wasn't good, but we made it. I posted some pictures on my facebook page for anyone who has that and wants to see.


Lou said...

Glad you all had fun and made it back safe.