Week Three: Biggest Loser Challenge Weigh-In

Posted by AJ Huffman |

02/11/09 Weigh In

A.J.: Start Weight = 335 lbs
Last week = 328 lbs
This week = 324 lbs
Weight lost this week = 4 lbs
Total weight lost = 11 lbs

Tracy: Start Weight = 293 lbs
Last week = 290 lbs
This week = 287 lbs
Weight lost this week = 3 lbs
Total weight lost = 6 lbs

This week has been going good. My eating habits are getting better and better. But for some reason after I went walking on the Blue Monster Monday, my knees started to hurt so bad, I could hardly walk to my rodeo. Iced it down and took some Ibuprofen, and still didn't feel any better the next day. So I'm taking it easy the next few days on the Blue Monster. Going to get some new running shoes, I hope that helps. I'm going to keep going with the diet and exercise, cause I can't wait to be Skinny AJ.


Rosjuane said...

Great!! You probley have inflamation. Ibriprfin (SP?) is best for it.

A.J. Huffman said...

@Rosjuane I've been popping them things like candy the past couple days. It helps a little.

Mandy said...

Good job, both of you! You're doing so awesome.. think where you'll be this time NEXT month! (and the month after.. and the month after..)

The pain is just your body telling you that you're doing a bit too much. Exercise SHOULD NOT hurt your joints. Your muscles.. sure.. but not your joints. Once you're feeilng better, maybe start back with half of what you were doing, and as you lose more weight and take more pressure off of your joints, add more and more. You'll get everything strong soon..just be patient. :)

Lou said...

Way to go AJ and Tracy. You are doing great. Keep it up!

RADstitches said...

Way to go!!!! That is great!