Call out to God

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Here is a prayer that was printed in our Sunday School book. Read the words and really let them sink in. God is in control and is wanting us to Call out to Him.

God, I need You to hear me. I need some words in return.
The situation's normal. I'm all messed up
Because I'm in a bad place - poor and needy.
I need your safe covering.
And because You know all, You know I'm not going anywhere without You.
I need grace, joy, hope - all the good stuff.
And I won't shut up.
I'll keep calling out to You like a 2-year-old for candy.
Hear me.
Answer me.
Forgive me.
But most of all, please don't leave me today.
I could look until my eyes hurt, but I would never find a substitute for You.
The world system and all its brilliant philosophies are nothing.
Czars, Kings, CEOs, and pee wee soccer coaches - they'll all bow down.
Because there is no other one who deserves even the smallest slice of Your glory.
Teach me.
Hold me.
And peel away any onion skins of doubt that would hinder - even in the slightest - my love for You.
As long as I live, I will honor You.