Who's going to be bald?

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Well it's offical, once "I" win the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge between Tracy Reed and myself, the above picture is how you'll be seeing Tracy. The winner will get to shave the loser's head. It's all in fun, Tracy has been someone I've looked up to ever since I was young. And I'm glad to be losing the weight with someone I call my friend.


Mandy said...

Are you guys doing scores based on straight lbs lost.. or a percentage of weight lost over the 6 months? Either way.. I cannot wait to see the loser with the bald head!! The good news is.. no matter who loses more, both of you are sure to lose a lot so you'll both really be "winners" in the end. One will just weigh even less.. hair does weigh one down...