I will be the Biggest Loser

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That's right, I have been challenged. Tracy Reed who is the UAM BCM director has challenged me to see between the two of us who can lose the most weight. We decided to meet at the new Bruno's sub shop to talk about what exactly this challenge was going to be all about. Jeff Noble was there as our witness, and we decided that today was the day the challenge would start. Jeff wanted us to weigh in at the scale at Brunos. The one that cost 25 cents and gives you your lucky lotto numbers at the same time. We both decided that we didn't need to use that scale. Jeff said there was a scale at Journey we could use.

So off to Journey Church we went. Tracey got on the scale first and weighed, then I got on. You know you need to lose a lot of weight when you step on the scale and it reads "ERROR". Yes you read it right, it said Error, I was too heavy to weigh on a normal bathroom scale. I told them I had a "Big Boy" scale at home, and they both said they thought I could be trusted to weigh at home. So Tuesdays are our Biggest Loser lunch meeting. I think we are going to do this for six months, and the one who loses the most weight will either get a prize or get to do something to the loser. We haven't decided on what that might be yet. I suggested the winner gets to shave the loser's head. Tracy said he'd have to think about it. I think what he meant to say was he'd have to ask his wife. So I'll update everyone when we decided on the "prize", but he and are are going to be meeting for lunch and weigh in every Tuesday. And Tracy has given me permission to post his weight loss on my blog, so here is our starting weight.

01/20/09 Weigh In

A.J. = 335 lbs

Tracy = 293 lbs


Maury said...

Yall are funny...I thing you should have used the scale with the fortune! haha Good luck you can do it!!

Lou said...

This is a great idea. I hope you win!

rhonda said...

That is great motivation! I think there should be some prize money involved...like the loser pays the winner x amount of money.

Mandy said...

Omgosh.. this is going to be so fun to watch! lol

Having a weight loss buddy plus a healthy dose of competition will probably give you both a huge boost!! Good luck to both of ya!