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My little buddy and I had a great time on Thanksgiving.  We spent Thanksgiving day with my Grandmother and most of our family.  We didn't do the traditional thanksgiving feast this year, so no turkey.  Dad fixed some Ribs and Brisket which filled the void quite nicely.  I made my famous (at least in my small circle) Buffalo Chicken Dip.  And there were some awesome cakes and pies for dessert.  And if anyone knows my cousin Heather, next time you see her ask her about the Re fried Beans.

We ate and watched football, and the weather was actually nice enough to go outside and play some football in the back yard.  Since none of Drew's cousins his size where there, he made quick friends with his cousin Stacey.  They played with his race car, and played football.  Heather and her husband Adam even got in on the football fun.    Here are some pictures of the big day.
My Grandma and her husband Mr. Roth enjoying the nice weather.

Adam, Heather, and Drew kicking the football around outside.

Drew and Stacey doing there Charlie Brown and Lucy impersonation.

Drew and Uncle Bruce playing Speed Racer.