New Blog Design

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Ever since Jeff Noble redesigned his blog, I've had that itch to redo mine as well.  Been looking around the internet at different layouts, and found this one yesterday evening.  So I stayed up way past my bed time and cranked this one out.  If you read this blog through Bloglines or Google Reader, click here www.ajhuffman.com to take a look at the site and see what your missing.  I will be touching it up here and there, and adding more pictures to the picture page as well as adding some of my favorite links to the links page.   So please take a look around and leave me a comment or two about the new design.


Anonymous said...

I like it alot,its very user friendly and well,just friendly in general.Very nice.

dean said...

looks purty cool... only problem is, i don't remember what the old one looked like! is that a picture of your backyard up there? i wanna hang at your place!

A.J. Huffman said...

Thanks for your input. It's still a work in progress.