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Thought it would be neat to tell everyone about my place of employment, which is SeaArk Marine, here in Monticello Arkansas. Here's a little history about our company taken from our website.

SeaArk Marine, Inc., (formerly MonArk Boat Company) has custom-built all-welded aluminum work boats for over 50 years.

Our team of 200 craftsmen supplies vessels to all branches of the U.S. Military, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, Fish & Wildlife Agencies, State agencies, Commercial Oil Companies, Municipalities, and many other commercial and government entities.

SeaArk Marine - Dauntless Series Models for Hydro graphic Survey, Military Para sail Training, Fiber Optic Cable Laying, Environmental Core Sampling, Custom Cargo Boat, Lake Patrol, Hydro graphic Survey, Dive Boat, Crew / Cargo Boat, River line Assault Craft, Boom Deployment, Boom Deployment, Fire / Rescue, and Patrol are just a few of the many applications SeaArk Marine has supported. Various hull designs, propulsion options, and cabin configurations are available to meet your mission requirements.

I work in the Engineering department as a Draftsman. I am at the computer all day long, drawing the different construction drawings for the boats. It's amazing to me that we in Monticello Arkansas (which is completely land locked) makes world class work boats that are in use all around the world. We make boats for the US Navy, the Kuwait Navy, Cayman Island, Jordan, just to name a few. We also make boats for several Police and Fire departments that protect the cities of this great nation of ours. Below are just a few of the boats that I have had the privilege to work with. To see more just visit SeaArk's web site at http://www.seaark.com


Mandy said...

What a cool post!

It is a bit ironic that Monticello distrubutes ships and boats!

I saw the pics of your little boy.. he's adorable!! Hope I can meet him one day. :)