We missed the snow!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

As you can tell from this picture taken on Friday March 7th, we missed all the wonderful snow that hit Arkansas. My mother was thoughtful enough to take some pictures of the snow for us. She even took a picture of our house in the snow and sent it to my cell phone. So I walked out on our balcony of our condo and took a picture of the sunshine and the beach and send that to her. My mother-in-law gathered some of the snow and put it in a zip lock bag in the freezer so Drew could throw a snow ball at his pops when he got home.

We had a wonderful time in Destin, even though we only got to venture out to the beach one day (it was too windy every other day). Amy had a Social Work conference to attend so Drew and I took in the sights of the Florida Gulf Coast. We petted an alligator, saw a Dolphin and Sea Lion show, visited the Bass Pro Shops, and even went to the outlet malls. We had a good time but hated that we missed the snow. I'm sure we'll see snow again in another 10 years or so.


Maury said...

Aw man!! Went to the beach, and missed the snow!! That was so sweet of his grandma to save him some! Looks like you two had some great father/son time while Amy had to go to meetings!

Anonymous said...

It stinks that you guys missed the 10-year snow!!! But... beach ball vs. snow ball... Hmmmm. ;)