First Deer Hunt!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Drew went on his first Deer Hunt last Saturday, and boy was he excited. He loves to see the deer heads that his grandparents have mounted at their house. So Saturday we dressed him in his camo and orange vest and hat and headed to the deer woods.

We got on the stand about an hour and a half before dark and sat and watched for the deer to come out. And as usual Drew wasn't still for one second. Between the "potty breaks", juice and gold fish breaks and the hour nap, we thought we weren't going to see a thing.

That is until right after dark when we decided to get down from the stand and head back for camp. Amy opened the door and started down the ladder when she saw a small young deer off to the left. It was dark and you could barely make it out, but Drew saw a deer on his first hunting trip. Before we all got down, he asked if he could pretend to shoot the deer with his gun, so we said yes. He lifted his hands up and pointed out the window towards the deer and said "POW" and off it ran.