Finally back home

Posted by AJ Huffman |

We are finally back home from our Virginia trip. We took my Mom out there so she could help out her sister's by taking care of their mother. My Grandma just had hip replacement surgery and is still going through rehab at the moment. So if anyone reading would say a quick prayer for her that would be awesome.

We had a fun week out in Virginia and in Nashville. Drew had a blast driving the tractors, seeing the cows, and the trains. We only spent Saturday through Wednesday with Family in Virgina, then we drove to Nashville to spend a couple of days shopping and just having a good time. It was all good up until 3:00am Friday Morning. We were spending our last night in Nashville before heading home. We had planned to get up around 6:00am and get an early start home. But around 3:00am we woke up to the sounds of a mouse nibbling on a take out box from supper at Famous Daves BBQ. Well needless to say we didn't stay there much longer, we packed up and got the heck out of dodge. But the good news is we didn't have to pay for our hotel room. So if your in Nashville, I wouldn't plan on staying in the Ramada Limited (the one with the guitar shaped pool). But other than that we had a great time on our trip, but we were glad to get home and get a couple of days rest before getting back into the routine of school and work.