Cold Weather Easter Egg Hunt!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Yes the picture you see has not been photo shopped. Drew is wearing a jacket and a hat while Easter Egg Hunting in April. It was down right cold when Drew went Easter Egg Hunting. I believe that the temp was around 50 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. A drastic change of weather from the last time I posted about Spring. What's going on with the weather? Does anyone know?

But besides the cold and windy air, we had a good time with both sides of the family on Easter Weekend. Drew got lots of candy from the Easter Bunny and we all got something out of the Word of God from our preacher at church.

Hope everyone that reads this had a wonderful time as well. Leave a comment or two and let me know about it. And here's to warmer weather.


Ginger said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pics of Drew. Hopefully none of the kids will be sick from the wind in their ears and the cold weather. Where is the global warming everybody is talking about? LOL