Check out this cool video.

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Thought I would share this video that was posted on Monticello Live on Easter. With my recent post about Drew's cold weather Easter Egg Hunt, I thought it would be appropriate to post the real reason we as Christians celebrate Easter. I don't agree with something like this being done in the house of God. I believe too many churches today are trying to tickle the ears of their members and using things like this to take the place of preaching. I think it's a cool visual none the less. So check it out and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering... do you really think our church buildings are "God's house?"

What about a church that meets in a shopping center?

Obviously, I disagree with your point of view on what is appropriate means to glorify God. If we can do it while eating and drinking, then certainly we can do it while painting - or at least that's my perspective.

A.J. Huffman said...


First of all thanks for the comment on my blog.

I didn't say anything about it not Glorifying God. We can glorify God in many ways. All I said was that I didn't agree with something like that being used instead of the Preaching of the Word.

The House of God can mean many things. For one our body is a temple and we should respect it and treat it like a temple. But the House of God (the physical building, if it's a stained glass window church or if it's in a shopping center) should be treated with respect and reverence, because that's where God comes down to visit when you truly worship him. That's just my humble opinion.