The Big T-W-O!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Drew is officially a big boy now. He turned two years old on March 1st. We had friends and family over to the house to celebrate on Saturday the 3rd.

Drew had a great time, even though he was a little grumpy. He didn't get a nap before the party began. We grilled hot dogs and made salsa and cheese dip to go along with it. And of course there was the cake. My mom did a great job on the cake. Drew got lots of presents and the kids had a time playing with each and everyone.

We asked Drew what kind of party he wanted to have, and the first thing he said was Toni. Toni is the lady that runs the daycare where Drew goes. We said yes Toni will have a party, but what kind of party do you want Mom and Dad to throw for you. He thought about it for a minute and said Doodlebops. We'll for those who don't know about the Doodlebops, they have a show on Playhouse Disney, and Wikipedia states that.....

"The Doodlebops is a musical comedy series for children starring Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle. They are the ultimate rock and roll band - at least as far as preschoolers are concerned - and they hang out and practice their song and dance routines in the coolest rehearsal space imaginable. Sort of a cross between PeeWee's Playhouse and The Monkees, the show focuses on music, dance, comedy and pro-social educational issues such as sharing and perspective taking."

So needless to say we had a blast, and all three of us were worn out afterwards. Here are some more picturs from the big day.


Maury Draper said...

He is sure cute! Boy they grow up too fast don't they! I want to cry everytime I look at pics of my kids, even pictures from last year, they change so quickly.

Kirk (Cap'n) said...

happy Birthday Drew. Your Grandma makes the coolest cakes. You get to look forward to many more to come. Have fun on the trike....

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!! Nice, clean, catchy!