I know, I know bad joke, please forgive me. We had a good time visiting family in Virginia a few weeks ago. Even though both Amy and I got sick while we were out there. Still had a good time, but just didn't feel that good while we were there.

This year we decided to fly out there, and this was Drew's first time to fly. It didn't bother him a bit. Every once in a while while we were taking off or landing he would hold his hands to his ears, but nothing major. On our way there the flight from Little Rock to Memphis was short and he almost feel asleep. I guess because our flight was at 6:15 in the morning. He was wide awake for the flight from Memphis to Raleigh North Carolina, that was until about two minutes before we landed he fell asleep. We had to wake him up when we landed and he stayed awake for about thirty minutes until we put him in the car seat of our rental car. He slept the entire three hour drive to Evergreen.

Drew loved Virginia. My cousins took him to feed the cows and ride the tractor. He wanted to see the cows everyday. I guess he might be a farmer after all. But we were ready to get home to Arkansas after a weeks worth of fun in Virginia.


Kirk (Cap'n) said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip. We'll be in Kansas in May to see the family but we are making the long drive.... Did I mention it was going to be a long drive... Also wanted to let you know I have a blog of my own besides Baby Dayz... http://captainkirk76.blogspot.com/ is where I am posting my photo a day and random thoughts... take care.