Lesson Learned!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

I usally lock my doors when I get out of my Rodeo, or at least I try to remember to lock them. Went outside to get the snow off my Rodeo this morning at about fifteen minutes to seven, I noticed the door wasn't shut all the way. I opened the door and this is what I found inside.

Someone had broken into my Rodeo overnight and tried to steal the radio. The only thing that was missing was the face plate to my CD player. The contents of my glove box were all over the place. I had about three to four CD's in there but none were taken. I guess whoever decided to go through my Rodeo didn't care too much for Southern Gospel music.

I called the Police to come out and write up a report just in case I needed it for insurance purposes. When the police got there, he noticed foot prints coming from my Rodeo and going across the front yard of the vacant house next door. Then as he was taking pictures of the prints he noticed the face plate to my CD player at the corner of the neighbor's house. I let the face plate dry out and everything works, thank goodness. So I guess I will make it a habit to make sure my doors are locked at night, or anytime I get out of it.


Kirk (Cap'n) said...

Dude you guys got more snow than we did. Glad the radio works. Well I'll check out more later. Got to get to work.....