Like Father, Like Son!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Amy took this picture of Drew and I while we were on our computers in our office at home. We just got a brand new computer (and yes Jeff it's a PC, not a Mac) and I took everything off our old computer except for games. Drew loves to play his "Bear Game". It's a learning game from Jumpstart Baby, where Drew learns about his colors, shapes, etc. Amy got a kick out of taking this picture. Looking back I thought it was kinda of funny myself.


Jeff Noble said...

with your wife being a counselor, i would think she would recognize this as child abuse... i mean, really, subjecting poor drew to a pc at this age? it may stunt his growth.

A.J. Huffman said...

Amy is a Social Work not a counselor...thank you very much.....You Mac guys always getting your facts wrong.....It's ok though, I'm forgive you....this time....