Cotton Picking Good Time

Posted by AJ Huffman |

It's that time of year again, the smell of defoliant is in the air, and the sounds of Drew and I sneezing can be heard throughout the house. The cotton is in full bloom and it's ready to be picked. My father-in-law is in charge of a farm crew for Triple Pugh Farms in Portland Arkansas, they have fields in both Portland and Wilmot, and they are working pretty much seven days a week to get the crop to the gin. So this past Saturday afternoon, after a quick trip to Monroe, we decided to take a trip to the field so Drew could see his Pops at work.

Drew loves big trucks, big tractors, and big machines, and he got to see all three at the field. Pops even let him help run the module builder. We took Drew's shoes off and let him run around in the dirt. We had meds in the bag to take after we got home, but much to our surprise neither Drew or I needed any. Drew had a good time, but I think Pops enjoyed having Drew out there with him a little more. Check out the pictures below.


Maury and Clay said...

Hey A.J. and Amy! Glad you posted on my blog so I could see your adorable son! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures! It was great to hear from you. And thanks for the well wishes, we are LOVING Little Rock!