Winter Jam 2010

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Let me just say, IBC Uth LOVE WINTER JAM! We went last year when Toby Mac and Brandon Heath where the headliners, and we had an awesome time. This year my all time favorite music group ever THIRD DAY was the headliners along with the Newsboys. Aaron Taylor and I loaded up about 12 of our Youth at 9:30 in the morning and headed to Little Rock. Granted the show didn't start until 6pm that evening, but we wanted good seats. There are no tickets for Winter Jam it's just $10 at the door, and then you just get a seat where ever you can. We got to Verizon Arena and were the second group there. We talked, laughed, played cards, and passed a football around until show time.

The show was awesome. Found a new group that I really like called Revive. Gonna have to check out some more of there music. Newsong, who puts on this event every year was great as usual. Didn't get to see Robert Peiree or Mike's Chair, cause Aaron and I where meeting with other Youth Leaders to pray for the kids in attendance, that God would touch there lives. Newsboys sang some oldie but goodie songs, and let us hear some of there new stuff off there new album coming out in June. Tenth Avenue North was great. Tony Nolan brought the word of God in a way that everyone could understand it and know that Jesus is the best gift anyone could ever receive. Then Third Day hit the stage with a mix of some of their southern rock classics and more worshipful music. They even stopped in the middle of their set to get everyone to turn to the person to their right and place your hand on their shoulder and pray for them. I thought that was awesome, and you could really feel the presence of the Lord. All in all we had a great time. Take a look at some of the pictures from our trip below.

We parked by the Police Station, had to pat them down before hand...LOL

Walking to the Arena

One of the first ones at the door

Getting closer to show time

Michael Tait, lead singer of the Newsboys

Third Day takes the stage

Did I mention before that Third Day was Awesome!

Bailey got her forehead signed by Michael Tait of the Newsboys