Central Arkansas CityFest 2009

Posted by AJ Huffman |

This past weekend Aaron and I took our Uth Group from Immanuel Baptist Church to CityFest in North Little Rock. City Fest is put on by Christian Evangelist Luis Palau, it's a two day festival where Christians can come together and get energized by the Word of God and by worshiping with one another. Several top names in Christian Music where there to help lead worship and put on concerts, such as Toby Mac, Newsboys, Seventh Day Slumber, Kirk Franklin, Anthony Evans, and Craig Morgan. The reports where that there were over 55,000 people there and on Saturday night alone 1,000 people either got saved or rededicated there lives, Praise God!

Saturday, along with Aaron's wife, and the parents of one of our Youth we took about 11 youth. We staked our spot on the river front, with a good view of the stage and jumbotron. But the Youth wanted to get closer so they made there way towards the stage and got front and center. I eventually made my way up to where they were during Craig Morgan's performance. After Luis gave the message, it was time for Toby Mac. My Youth L, O, V, E, love Toby. We all had a blast as we jumped around and sang along with all his songs. Then we loaded up and headed home, went to church Sunday morning, and left right after church to head back for day two.

We got smart on day two, and brought a couple of chairs for us to sit in, cause standing for over 4 hours did a work on my body. Sunday the Newsboys rocked the house as well as Bread of Stone and Seventh Day Slumber. We didn't stay to hear Luis or Kirk Franklin cause we needed to make the trip back home, and it was a school night.

I want to thank the members of Immanuel Baptist for all there support of our Youth Program. All the prayers are working, cause in the past year, I can see so much growth. Not too much growth in numbers, but spiritual growth. They are good kids, and I am blessed to be used by God to work with them.

And I'll leave you with a song by Seventh Day Slumber. They performed this at CityFest and it really spoke to me. I want this to be my theme, to be my desire. That God will consume me from the Inside Out. Hope you enjoy!