Father's Day 2009

Posted by AJ Huffman |

First off let me say Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there. I was lucky, I got to spend Father's Day with my Little Man Sunday. He went to church with me and we just hung out and rested during the afternoon. I couldn't ask for a better little boy. He's smart, beautiful, funny, and so full of life. But the day was extra meaniful because it was the first Father's Day I had to spend without my Dad. He went to be with the Lord in Janurary of this year, and I miss him every day. I guess the saying is right, you don't know what you got till it's gone. I don't want to say I took my Dad for granted, but there are times when I need help, and I realize he's not here. I know he's in a better place, and I wouldn't want him to leave Heaven to come back to this old world. My Dad was a quite man, but you knew exactly where he stood. He didn't have to say out loud that he loved you, you just knew it. I know I'll see him again one sweet day. I love you Dad, and thank you for showing me how to be a father, and a man of God.


Maury said...

Aw, so sweet. I know you miss your dad so much. I am glad you had such a good day with you buddy on Sunday!!

dean said...

happy belated father's day... well, maybe belated happy father's day to be more precise!

Lou said...

That was a great tribute to your Dad. Hoep you had a great Father's Day.