World Championship Steak Cook Off

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Saturday I got up early and meet Jason and Karen Caldwell at the Cracker Box and followed them to Magnolia for the Blossom Festival and World Championship Steak Cook Off. Jason and Karen took there motorcycles and entered them in the bike show. This was my first year to go the festival, but Jason and Karen are old pros this was there third year.

We have been watching the weather all week hoping it wouldn't rain. And the clouds where there the whole day, but it only rained on us for like 20 or 30 minutes while we were waiting in line for our steaks. When we got there Jason and Karen entered there bikes in the show and started to do some last minute detail work. After that we went to check out the teams who were cooking the steaks. There were several unique teams with unique grills to match. The National Guard had the longest grill I have ever seen, it looked like a missile. As we walked around we saw the different teams preparing there steaks for the grill, each team had there own secret rub and marinade. The smell alone made us hungry. A few hours later, the teams had samples ready for the public. Grilled shrimp, smoked sausage, stuffed jalapenos peppers, etc. where all good. But they only wetted our appetites for the steak.

Since this wasn't Jason and Karen's first time, they knew to bring chairs and take a seat in line for the steaks. You get your plate, potato, salad, etc. then you go to what ever grill team you wanted to get your steak. The first year they stood in line, but this year, we wised up and and brought chairs. We got close to the front of the line, and waited for about an hour. And let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I got my steak from the "Half-Ton of Flavor" team. They did a cajun style steak and even gave you a huge spoonfull of jambalaya, it was so good. I plan on going back next year and doing it again.

Jason and Karen both won first place in their respective divisons in the bike show. Oh and I almost forgot about Spud. You'll have to ask Karen about Spud next time you talk to her. Here are some pictures of the day.


Maury said...

Mmm...that food looks GOOD!!!!!!