Saturday Visit with Dean-O

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Saturday morning, Ashlee and I loaded up in the Rodeo and headed South to Monroe Lousiania, to vist our blog friend Dean.  I have met Dean once or twice when he was living and working at the Arkansas Baptist Home for Children here in Monticello.  Ashlee has never met him in person before, but Dean is a regular reader on our blogs and have gotten to know us through our blogs and through email.   He now works for the Louisiana Baptist Children's Home in Monroe.

We got there just in time for a great lunch of Red Beans and Rice with Corn Bread and Kool-Aid.  We got the oppurtunity to meet three of the kids living at the cottage.  Three very active boys who have a love for life, and aren't shy around strangers.  After we ate and talked for a while around the table, the boys wanted to go bike riding around the campus.  They even said they had big bikes for us to ride.  So we hopped on the bikes and rode around campus, now granted it's been a good 10 to 15 years since either of us had rode a bicycle, but we couldn't let the kids down.  It was a funny sight watching us ride those bikes, but we had a blast.  We ended up across campus at another cottage, who were good friends with Dean and his wife.  We ended up on their front porch just enjoying the beautiful rain free day and new friends.  Sometimes it's just so refreshing to just sit and listen and talk.  It seemed like the fast pace of life just slowed down when we were sitting on the front porch.  On the way home we put in an old "40 Days" praise and worship CD and sang praise to God.  It was a great day enjoyed with great friends.


ash said...

it was an awesome day!!!