Week Six: Biggest Loser Challenge

Posted by AJ Huffman |

02/25/09 Weigh In

A.J.: Start Weight = 335 lbs
Last week = 322 lbs
This week = 319 lbs
Weight lost this week = 3 lbs
Total weight lost = 16 lbs

Tracy: Start Weight = 293 lbs
Last week = 286 lbs
This week = ??? lbs
Weight lost this week = ? lbs
Total weight lost = ?? lbs

Haven't heard anything from Tracy this week on his weigh in.  So I'll update with his information once I get it.  Been busy this week and only went to the blue monster on Monday.  I could have done better with exercise, but I've been trying to do better with my eating.  So my grand total weight lost since the beginning of the year is 23 pounds.


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