Birthday Party

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Saturday we had a birthday party for my little man.  He wanted a Spider-Man themed birthday party so that's what he got.  We were glad the weather was nice, the sun in and out of the clouds all day.  The only complaint was the fact that it was windy out.  But Nanny and Drew used the wind to their advantage and tried there hand at flying a kite before the party started.

The cake arrived a little bit after lunch, we got the cake from Good Enuf To Eat and they did an excellent job.  Then around 2:00 , peop
le started showing up.  Drew had a blast eating cake and ice cream, playing with his friends, and opening all  his presents.  Drew got a lot of neat stuff.  So thank you to all who came, and we hope to do it again next year.  And a big Thank You goes out to Ashlee for taking pictures of the big event.


Maury said...

Looks like a fun party!!

For some reason, you are not a follower of my blog anymore?? Not sure why, anyway, I had to go all around the world to find you!

Lou said...

The party was great. Kaylee and Ashton both had a blast. Thanks for the invite.

ash said...

it was a great party!!! im a lil sad i didnt make the post..lol just kiddin!!! i was takin pics!!! i think some of the "big" kids had fun too!!! instead of wagon rides next year i think you should do pony rides...5 year olds may be to big for that tho...or will he be 6 just kiddin..that was funny 2 parties so he is 5