Week Four: Biggest Loser Challenge

Posted by AJ Huffman |

02/18/09 Weigh In

A.J.: Start Weight = 335 lbs
Last week = 324 lbs
This week = 323 lbs
Weight lost this week = 1 lbs
Total weight lost = 12 lbs

Tracy: Start Weight = 293 lbs
Last week = 287 lbs
This week = 286 lbs
Weight lost this week = 1 lbs
Total weight lost = 7 lbs

I will have to admit that this past week, I was slacking.  Between being busy and my knees still hurting I haven't been walking since last tuesday.  And as you can see by the weigh in, I didn't do so well.  Only one pound down this past week.  But hey at least that's better than gaining weight I guess.  So since the beginning of the year when I started this journey I've lost a total of 19 pounds.  Go Me!


Mandy said...

Don't beat yourself up.. you still lost one pound! Have you ever seen an example of how much just ONE pound of fat is? It's a lot! Just keep at it.. slow and steady wins this race. :)

I hope your knees get better really soon.. I'm sure that's having an effect on everything you do during the day, besides not being able to walk!

Once I worked out WAY too much over the course of a month and ended up really hurting both of my achilles tendons in my ankles. I couldn't even WALK for a week! It taught me a lesson about overdoing it! lol

dean said...

"slow and steady..." and all that. if you have access to a stationary bike, that would help out til the knees get better... if it's impact related.

also when the weather gets warmer, swimming is a great way to exercise low-impact, too.

but yo're headed in the right direction... some weeks are harder than others.

bowling1 said...

One pound is one pound. Any loss, no matter how big or small is still a loss.

Keep up the good work!