Je Fa Fa Dunham

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Thursday after work, Jason and Karen Caldwell and I loaded up in there car and headed to Little Rock to see Comedian Jeff Dunham show at Alltel. We had a great time. Guitar Guy opened up the show with his own little routine which included a little stand up as well as some good ol guitar playing.

Then after about a 15 minute intermission, and getting a drink spilt on my arm, the real show started. Jeff Dunham came out and did a few minutes of stand up, then he went to the box and brought Walter out. The whole gang was there, Walter, Achmed, Peanut, Jose Jelopeno, and even everyone's favorite Bubba J. The funniest part was Jeff hasen't been using Bubba J in his past few shows. He finished with Peanut and said good night, but a minute later he came out with Bubba J, just for the Arkasnas crowd. He had to use his cheat sheet, but it was still funny. But the best part was when him and Bubba J did there lines, they stopped and Bubba J said, "do you hear what I hear", they know this bit better than you. The entire arena was saying Bubba's lines right along with him. That cracked Jeff up, and he said that Arkansas was the best show he's done in a long time. After Jeff shot some t-shirts out in the crowd we called it a night and headed home. Thanks to Jason and Karen for letting me tag along with em.


bowling1 said...

It was a totally hilarious show. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. We are glad you were able to go with us!

bowling1 said...

My husband sure did need a hair cut!