God is Good!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Isn't God just amazing? He never fails to amaze me. Even though I am not deserving of his mercy, grace, and His hand over my life, He continues to provide for me in ways I could never fathom.

As some of you know I do graphic design work as a side job. I designed some doctor appointment cards for friend who lives in North Arkansas, and she needed to order some more about a week ago. I just called James Quick Print and placed the order, all I do is charge for an hour of my time. I pay for the entire order (which is a pretty good amount of money) and ship the cards off to her, and she then writes me a cheek when she receives the order. But like I said above that order is a pretty good amount of money, money is something I don't have a lot of. I live like most Americans pay check to pay check. I was worried a little bit about having money to live on while I pay for the cards and wait for the check. But this is where the "God is Good" part comes in.

I also am the webmaster for ABATE of Arkansas, a state wide motorcycle club. Well I got my first quarter check in the mail and it was $25 more than usual. I emailed the office manager asking if I got a raise and didn't know it. She emailed me back and said yes I did. Then the next day I got a call from Joe Burgess from Monticello Live. He wanted to know if I would be interested in doing some design work on some Client Ads to be placed on the website. I was like, heck ya. So he came over and we worked out the details, he said he knew my reputation and went ahead and gave me a check in advance for my work. All in all between the ABATE check and the Monticello Live check, it was the exact amount of what I'm going to be paying for the appointment cards.

God is so good, as long as we are faithful to him, he'll take care of us. So what have you done for God lately? And how has he blessed you for it?


Jennifer said...

I love when God does things like this. It's like why do we even worry about things. God is always going to take care of us even if it is not how we are expecting. Thanks for sharing.

Maury said...

O.K...here's one for ya. I have been so down lately about the whole foster care/adoption system, and really just thinking there is no hope for my baby. WELL....I was looking on Ginger's blog, clicked on someone's blog I didn't know, then from there clicked on someone else's blog I didn't think I knew, and it ended up being one of the adoptive families that I had photographed! This family just adopted a little boy. I think there is no way around it....God led me to that blog to encourage me...to remind me that he is in control, and to just have more faith.

I can think of so many more..but that just happened this weekend, and was very powerful for me.

Mandy said...

That's awesome, AJ! Did you get my email about maybe making some signs for the Humane Society in the future? Yet another paycheck your way! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when God does this. I have been super worried about money because a roommate moved out, rent went up a ton, etc. I made the decision that I was going to trust. That week, I was asked to do extra hours, etc. making up exactly what rent had increased. God is good!