Christmas Eve 2008

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Christmas Eve Drew and I loaded up the Rodeo and headed Mamaw's house to spend time with the Huffman family. We all had a great time, and enjoyed Drew and Anna Belle as they played and played and played. The food was excellent as always. And even though I was all doped up on Benadryl which made me very sleepy, we all had a good time.

After spending time at Mamaw's Drew and I headed to Mom and Dad's to open presents with them. As usual Drew was spoiled by all the gifts my parents got for him. But hey, what are Grandparents for, right? I got a nice Razorback button up shirt as well as a 500GB External Hard Drive, so I can back up all my pictures and files on my laptop. I ended the evening by dropping off Drew with Amy so he would not miss Santa. Here are a few pictures for the day.


Jennifer said...

How cute!! I bet ya'll did have a blast!

The Huffmans said...

We hate it we missed Christmas at Mammaw's this year. Hopefully, next year we'll be there and Mabry and Drew can play together! It's crazy to think that she'll be almost 1 by then!!