Calories don’t count when …(We can dream right?)

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Got this in an email and thought I'd share it with my four blog readers.....

* It is the middle of the night (it’s not today and it’s not tomorrow)

* We are happy or stressed (corollary: Holidays of any kind)

* We are outside (especially when we are camping)

* It was on the plate of someone else (especially if it the plate of one of your children)

* It is consumed with diet coke

* We have actually broken a sweat (exercised) in the last 24 hours

* Our mother or grandmother made the food

* Our mother or grandmother has recently stressed us out and we made the food

* We are in the car and in a hurry

* It is some form of a salad

* We have recently had problems with members of the opposite sex

* We haven’t had problems or any attention from members of the opposite sex in a long time

* It includes whole grains (or is brownish at least)

* It is in liquid form of any kind (anything that can get through a straw is calorie free)

* It doesn’t taste very good

* You are in front of a TV or computer

* You are standing up (in front of the refrigerator)

* You are depressed

* It’s a free sample at a store

* It’s small and cute like an hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party

* It is really fancy and well made and not something you get every day

* When wearing sweats or other expandable clothing

* When it benefits girl scouts or any other non profit

* When someone else is paying


Jennifer said...

This is too funny! Thanks for sharing it with me! (and whoever the other 3 are...lol!)

Maury said...

I guess I am reader #2! Wow, then I guess I am really skinny then, since none of my daily calories count!

ashlee said...

this was great....going ot have to copy this one and print it out!!! am i number 3