Rummage Sale aftermath

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Well the rummage sale has come and gone. It was a long hot morning, but we came out ok. We made about $250 dollars. Why is it that no matter how much money you make at a Rummage Sale, it never seems quite worth all the hard work you put in getting things ready for it. But the main thing is we got rid of several boxes of old baby clothes and stuff we will never use again. We repacked everything in boxes and might have another sale at my in-laws the first of August, who knows.


Maury said...

Oh, I know, they are so much work! We hauled all kinds of stuff out to our garage a few weeks ago, and then I was too tired to sort it out and price it. Now, everytime I walk out there, I turn around b/c it is so hot in there!

$250 is a good make of it....even though it will all be blown the next trip to WM! LOL

RADstitches said...

Rummage sales wear me out too, but hey the money is worth it!