The Holidays are finally over!

Posted by AJ Huffman |

Christmas has come and gone, as well as the year 2006. As usually the month of December was a busy one for the Huffman family. Going here and there and everywhere, a Christmas party here, opening presents and spending time with family, it was a whirlwind time but we had fun.

I really got a kick out of watching Drew open his presents this year. His wonder and amazement at all the presents that he received really made me smile. All the "oohs" and "aahs", and the occasional "how neat" was heard throughout the house on Christmas morning and the days leading up to it. I know he's too young to fully understand the real meaning of Christmas, but I can't wait until we can sit down with him and tell him the real reason we celebrate.

So here's wishing everyone who reads this a Happy New Year and we hope your 2007 is filled with happiness and joy.